Packing Strategies III: Weather Permitting

In the previous 'strategies', I created the wardrobe options thinking on trips to 'warm destinations.' But, what if we decide to travel to places where we don't have the sunny weather guaranteed? Case in point: England, Ireland, Germany...It those cases, being ready to combat the rain and/or low temperatures becomes the absolute priority when packing! 

In those situations, I think it's important to create two sets of clothes: the 'all-weather fighters' (I personally love old-school/classic items, such a trench or a Barbour hat) and the stuff to wear underneath ( I would go for basic, cool and versatile items, easy to mix and match).

Packing Strategy III: Weather Permitting

1. Timeless trench
3. Ankle boots
4. Rain hat
5. Black leggings
6. Skinny jeans
7. Classic baseball t-shirt
8. Striped t-shirt
9. White t-shirt

When it comes to vacationing, do you usually prefer warmer destinations? 


  1. This is a wise decision as the weather is a little crazy everywhere at the moment.
    I adore your choices, especially the trench and barbour hat - fab my dear !



  2. I needed this today! I hate packing and I have a trip coming soon :) Thank you!

  3. Those are definitely staples for a trip to that kind of destination.

    Oh and you absolutely can wear a Panama hat in NYC in July! I plan to do so myself :) xoxo

  4. I do prefer warmer, but it's always good to be prepared! I find packing items that you can later but that aren't too bulky in and of themselves work well for these types of situations.

  5. Great packing tips and outfit ideas! I don't really have a preference as far as weather goes in picking a vacation location, I simply go to places that I like to go to. Of course, warm weather is always great, since it allows you to have more fun with wearing outfits and dresses that show a little more skin!

  6. Great post! When I travel, I typically prefer warmer weather. Only b/c it requires less packing and more room to put things when visiting :-)...Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Stop by anytime!


  7. I prefer warm destinations in winter...My husband and I took a Caribbean cruise in December and it was perfect. Not too hot (it would've been miserable in July or August). It got a little chilly in the evenings but it was pretty much perfect.


  8. I like cool and sunny... Like California!

  9. Nice blog, hun! And when it comes to vacationing, I have to agree with the person above me. Cool and sunny like good ol' Cali! :)

  10. Really great points! I've been in that situation where I expected warm weather only for it to be much cooler than normal. I typically prefer somewhere warm, with a beach, but i'll take a pretty view and a new travel destination any day!


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