Manhattanhenge 2012

I'm a huge fan of sunsets...and here in Florida, we have some pretty amazing ones. However, this one looks spectacular.

The so-called Manhattanhenge occurs twice a year when the setting sun aligns with the East-West streets of Manhattan's street grid.

Here you have the Manhattanhenge 2012 dates:

Half-sun on the grid:
May 29 @ 8:17pm
July 12 @ 8:25 pm (You might be on time if you are in NYC!)

Full-sun on the grid:
May 30 @ 8:16pm
July 11 @ 8:24 pm

Do you love sunsets? What do you prefer: sunsets or sunrises? 


  1. I LOVE sunrises because they're full of so much hope. Dusk is actually my least favorite time of day because it makes me feel dejected, I've never understood why! Who doesn't love a beautiful sunset, though?!

    Thanks for your comment, I hope you keep reading! I'm loving flipping back through your posts.

  2. Today! and the other one was yesterday? oh no.. i wish i had known earlier.. i was there on tuesday.. that looks gorgeous. Will keep an eye out next year. thanks

  3. I love both! xoxo

  4. I truly adore both. Sunrises are full of energy, while sunsets are truly romantic:) Have a great Friday, sweetie.


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