What Do You Lie About?

You might already know by now how much I enjoyed Lifetime original series The Conversation. I wrote several posts about it. During the interviews, there was this recurrent question -a great one, like usual: 'What do you lie about?' 


It got me thinking a lot...I always felt more connected to the concept of 'HONESTY'. 

Let me elaborate! 

One of my biggest goals in life is to be honest with myself and with the people I care the most. I'll always try to keep them from suffering as much as I can. And if this involves some 'white lies,' I'll definitely go for it. I guess that I always evaluate the 'final goal' to kind of validate the 'white lie', if that makes sense: think of privacy, respect to others, to protect my feelings...Maybe it's just a matter of defining what your TRUTH is and protect it as much as you can -even if there're some lies involved! 

Other than that...sometimes I say that I have work to do when rejecting an invitation to something that I really don't feel like doing. 

Where do you guys stand on the issue? Do you guys lie about age, weight or money? Why do you feel the need to lie? Do you have any boundaries? 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

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  1. I'm really bad at lying - it's always written all over my face.
    But I do tell 'white lies' on occasion when I think it will spare somebody's feelings.
    Interesting post my dear.




  2. I think we all tell white lies on occasion or at least find a way not to tell the full truth. There's no point in hurting someone if the truth will not help. For example, "Don't you love our new house?" They've already bought it, what would be the point of saying it's too close to the street or the neighborhood is a little dicey? Even if we think it's an ugly house, most of us would find a way to say something positive.

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  5. I guess we all,lie at some point... I sin many time in not revealing info... That way I don't have to lie... Haha!

  6. So true this reflexion :) Love it

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