Countdown To Roitfelt's New Magazine Launch

Carine Roitfelt took the fashion world by storm when announced her intention of launching her very own fashion magazine. Roitfelt, who was the French Vogue Editor-in-Chief for ten years, decided to take her vision and expertise to a new level, and that's how CR Fashion Book was conceived. 

I'm personally very excited about this. French fashion magazines have always mastered the art of mixing high fashion editorials along with the most interesting and groundbreaking articles. As Carine has revealed on an interview with Madame Le Figaro, she thinks that a good magazine is like a good dinner: you have to mix the genres. She'll be focusing on discovering new and unknown talents and faces. 

Looking forward to reading Carine's new publishing venture (Out on Sept. 13) 


  1. Sounds like it's gonna be a great mag!
    And yes, we are connected! That's so cool that you were thinking the same thing I was:-)
    XO, G

  2. I'm SO excited for this, and had no idea it was coming! Thanks for sharing :)



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