On Versioning The Classics...

During the past years, we have seen how the most traditional fashion brands have launched jazzy versions of some of their signature pieces: think of Ray-Ban's Wayfarers, Hunter Boots -I actually tackled the 'dilemma' here- or the Cambridge Satchel bags.

I certainly applaud the companies' effort of reinventing their cool to appeal to a new generation. Let's face it: Those big players have been in the market for over half a century and their high quality standards and tradition are out of question.

Now, when it comes to invest on pieces that I'll be using for a long time, I usually give the whole thing a lot of thought, and this has been a pretty recurrent question: Should I go for the classic version or the jazzy one?  

I finally came to terms with the fact that I actually love to keep the old-school versions of those pieces (and of course, mixing them up with more contemporary clothes)

Do you have any particular preferences? Would you go for the 'old time versions' or the most colorful ones?


  1. Definitely the old school versions as well and mixing them up.

  2. For eyewear, I like a classic style glasses in black or brown. Every once and a while a bright pop of color is fun. For bags- go all neon!


  3. mmm I usually prefer the old time versions... I own 2 cambridge satchel...one brown...and the other one yellow... so idk what to say ^^. I also was very attracted to the pastels edition. I think I like the colorful ones and the classics... but not the neon and such shocking editions :)


  4. I love those bold and sassy Cambridge satchel bags - they are so incredibly beautiful! xoxo


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