Sweet Anniversary Present!

As you might know, my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary on July 3th. 

As we both love travels and photography, and also, since we are now doing the long-distance thing -meaning that there's an inherently strong travelling component on the relationship- I thought that a Pinhole Press photobook, documenting our first year together through our best pics, would make the perfect anniversary present. And I was right! The final result was as romantic, emotional, entertaining and beautiful as the relationship itself!

I first found out about this company on Jo and Melissa's blogs. Actually my parents have been doing photobooks of their vacation trips for a few years now.

Most of us grew up with old-school albums containing paper pics. It's so nice that companies like Pinhole Press merge the best of both words: digital files in an album format.

I hope to be able to make more of those in the future...

How about you guys? Do you like those photobooks?


  1. Congrats!!


  2. Well congratulations on your first anniversary!

  3. I love photo books! Where do you get your's printed?



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