Orgies 101: NO CAMERAS!


He should have joined the Bachelorette party thrown by the girls from New York that very night...They would have never betrayed him that way. Anyway, what it's done it's done.

Prince Harry's naked pictures are all over the media and I'm sure that the Crisis Management Office at Buckingham Palace has some work to do.
My take on the whole thing? Well, I bet the Royals are concerned about the big time flaw on the security system. And Prince Harry could have chosen a much better company for that night, that's for sure.
But what I am going to stress here is the lack of morals of the person that actually took those pictures. OK, so they were caught up in the moment, whatever...But, to just go all the way and take pictures of those scenes? For what? For the money? So, is it ok to take pictures of naked friends or acquaintances at private parties?
I just hope that the people that betrayed Prince Harry don't end up having their own reality show. That's all I am saying.

Oh, and I still think he is adorable!


  1. I feel bad for him. At the end of the day, even if he was silly enough to get buck naked, that's his life and it's just not fair for someone to benefit from that! He is still adorable.


  2. I certainly think that he didn't choose the best company, and I'm thinking particularly about the one who took those pictures...because even if I never did something that crazy, let's be honest, I'm thanking my good stars, there are not pictures about some "not so happy" moments of my live, hehe!
    Y eso que de vez en cuando aparece en Facebook alguna foto etiquetada "Inés" que hubiese querido no recordar! jijiji!

    Besitos, Elsa!



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