Is Tomboy The New Sexy?

During my teenage -and chubbiest- years, I used to wear my dad's big sweaters, cardigans and even Oxford shirts, in an effort to hide my overweight. The so-called tomboy style has always ruled my fashion comfort zone.

For that very reason, every time I see big brands, style icons or bloggers embracing and/or praising this style, I can't help but getting excited!

J.Crew Chambray
Plaid shirt
If you are into the trend, I strongly recommend you Lizzie Garrett Mettler's blog -turned into book- Tomboy Style: she brilliantly breaks down the essencials and the spirit behind the style (can't wait to get the book on the mail!)
How about you guys? Do you love the tomboy trend?


  1. I love the tomboy look, I love to rock a big sweater in the fall but you gotta pair it with something girly like leggings, fun boots or a high bun. :)

  2. The best thing about to tomboy look is how comfy it is!

  3. The first one looks totally comfy and something I would wear right now:) I simply adore tomboyish style! Have a great morning, sunshine.

  4. Sometimes I love the tomboy look! It's so comfy!

  5. Like I descrive in my last post which you already visited, my style is simple and pretty tomboy, tons of basics (denim shirt and jeans are perfect examples) but with a twist with the shoes...I'm girly girl about shoes!
    Hay pocos conjuntos más sensuales que un traje de pantalón y chaqueta masculino y sandalias mínimas...esa contradicción entre un aspecto marimacho y la delicadeza del pie de una mujer.casi desnudo...

    ¡Grandes abrazos, Elsa!


  6. I for one love this look and live in stuff like this at the weekends.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend honey.



  7. I do love the laid back vibe of this look, and love to pair tomboy pieces with something ultra feminine. Chambray, and cable knit sweaters are a few of my favs.

    XO, Gina


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