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Last Thursday night I had the privilege of attending to the concert of one of my favorite artists: Alejandro Sanz. I've been listening to his music since I was 13, no kidding...that's more than 20 years ago! Sanz is releasing his new album, La Música No Se Toca (Don't Touch The Music) and Univision organized a private concert at the Gusman's Olympia Theater in downtown Miami, mostly for media people and advertisers. Here you guys have some pictures if you'd like to watch:

The Spaniard was looking fine: He dropped some weight and showed off a glowing tan, a gorgeous smile and his best repertoire that included a couple of his newest songs, as well as some of his most recognizable and beloved hits from the past: Corazón Partío, Mi Soledad Y Yo, El Alma Al Aire, Hasta Cuando, Havana...

Alejandro hit the stage alongside a ridiculously talented group of musicians...the piano and electric guitar solos were outrageous.

The worst part? Toward the end of the show, a few girls scaped the security guards and jumped to the stage to hug Alejandro. And I'm not talking about teenage girls. They must have been in their twenties or thirties...It got to a point where the situation got a bit out of control and Sanz decided to leave the stage. Good thing it all happened during the last song! Can you guys believe the wildness and total lack of respect?

Anyway, the show was outstanding and it has definitely been one of the best highlights of my year!

Do you guys like Alejandro Sanz? What's the latest live concert you have attended to? 


  1. So great that you could see your childhood musician in person!

    Also, I cannot believe you are old enough to have had anything happen 20 years ago!!

    xo style, she wrote

  2. I have never seen him but I would love to! It looks like you had a great time!

    Happy Monday, love!

    xo Niki

  3. I'm not familiar with his music but I will check it out! Sounds like you had a blast xo

  4. Ah! Cómo no va a gustarme Alejandro...en la universidad tenía un profesor igualito...incluso hablaba "rasposo"...de más está decir que la clase se llenaba de mujeres, jeje! Que suerte tuviste de poder disfrutarlo en vivo, a pesar del mal rato final...y a propósito, qué bien te ves en esa foto, como decimos en mi pais DI-VI-NA!!!!
    Un fuerte abrazo, Elsa!



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