A Match Made In Endorsement-Deal Heaven

Jennifer Aniston has finally decided to leverage her hair style power and partnered up with Living Proof, a hair care line based in Boston, MA. The lovely Jennifer will serve as a spoke person and product developer for the brand. I don't know about you guys, but they had me at 'Jennifer Aniston.' After browsing the product range, I'm leaning toward the Restore line -especially the mask.


Did you guys hear about Living Proof before? Now that Jennifer is on board, are you guys intrigued to try those products?


  1. I am totally intrigued and I am going to check those products out. Btw: I adore her:) Muah, sunshine.

  2. I will absolutely check it out now! Thanks for the heads up...
    XO, Gina
    Classy Ever After


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