Two Keys To Rock The Business Casual Chic Look

We could write zillions of books to explain how Internet and Social Media have impacted the world and our lives. But my intention here is to focus on how online start-up companies are redefining the work place, hence the business attire.

Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna, Harvard MBA graduate ladies and the brains behind Birchbox are the perfect example of how to rock the Business Casual Chic look. They always look effortlessly chic and cool, natural and fresh, yet sharp and professional. After carefully evaluating their impeccable looks through images and videos, I found two major constant trends that define their style:

1. Natural hair and make up: Think of wavy hair or a messy bun. As for the make up, it all comes down to some rimmel, lip gloss and some blush. 

2. Layered jewelry: This is what it caught my attention the most. The girls go strong on accessories, which I found it is a functional and effective way to style up basics (v-neck sweaters, t-shirts, Oxford shirts or blouses...) and get ready for work in no time. Let's face it, in the morning we don't usually have all the time in the world, do we?

Necklaces: I think that a diamond pendant is one of the best investment a girl should do, as well as the strongest layer statement. As for the remaining layers, Accesorize offers a wide array of options at an extremely competitive price range. Check out my favorite picks:


Awesome layering example 

Bracelets: I can't get enough of theJ. Crew gorgeous bracelets. Chic, functional and versatile.

{1, 2, 3
{ All American chic at its best} 
So ladies, where do you guys stand on this issue? Do you have any particular dress code at work? Do you have any particular tips to get ready faster and better in the morning? 


  1. I love the idea of layering necklaces. Well I work from home so my dress-code is pretty basic: jeans, tee, cozy oversized cardi/sweater, messy hair and a bit of lipstick for the snazzy effect:) Happy Monday, sweetie.

  2. Wow! Elsa, this is another amazing post. I agree with you on all accounts. These are some of my favorite style ideas too. I love effortless, love natural hair and make-up, the layered necklaces and bracelets are to die for.
    You are such a good writer, girl!

    XO, Gina
    Classy Ever After

  3. Like Diana I also work from home so you'll find me in jeans most days, natural makeup and when I'm out, a little lipstick. I loved layered necklaces and bracelets when I'm out to lunch with the girls and I'm all over JCrews pieces especially. Great post Elsa!

  4. Great post Elsa! My best tip is dry shampoo! Not only faster, the hair gets great structure. xo Caroline

  5. Cool post - I like their style!


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