Let's Release The Inner Child We All Have This Weekend!

This morning, I headed downtown to run errands -get a new phone, opening a new bank account and gym membership!- and noticed the adorable showcase that the guys at Galeria Kaufhof  put together. Apparently it is an annual tradition: They recreate the traditional Christmas Nativity Scene with teddy bears. How cute is that! 

But what I found the most inspiring was how fascinated the little kids looked like while watching it! 

Beautiful. Inspiring. Regenerating.

Yes, we are adults. We have responsibilities, bills, deadlines...you name it. However, I still think that one of the highlights of this time of the year is that we allow ourselves to be kids again, feeling excited and happy for almost no reason.

Question: Can we try to keep that spirit the rest of the year? Let's!

Have an awesome weekend! 


  1. Wonderful...yes, I think we should be like this for the new year!! Have a wonderful weekend x

  2. Awww...that's the stuff that makes December so good!

  3. Amazing pics! And yeah..it should be like this all the time. :)

  4. Beautiful post. There really something so magical in a child's eyes when they are filled with awe. Why do we lose that as adults?? It's time to step back and appreciate the little things in a big way. Happy 2013!!! :)

  5. These pictures are so cute. Happy Holidays.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. What charming shop windows! Happy New Year!

  7. Like we say, "Christmas is whenever we want to" :D
    Have a great new year!


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