Flower Me Happy!

One of the highlights of picking up Michael for lunch dates is walking by this gorgeous flower market located right in front of his office building. 

They bring the flowers all the way from Netherlands every day. At a price point range of 4.5 to 7 Euros a bunch ($5.27 to $9.23), it would be even rude to pass up on those beauties, right? 

PS. I loved Goop's take on how to arrange flowers according to different vases' shape. Pretty inspirational! 

Do you usually buy fresh flowers? How often? 


  1. Yes....bring on the flowers...I need them :))) So lovely!! xx

  2. These flowers are so pretty! I need to start using fresh flowers in my house more often! I'll go check out the link on flower arrangements now! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  3. Oh my - those roses are just stunning! I don't treat myself to fresh flowers nearly enough xo

  4. Oh wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous! Stunning.

  5. Love fresh flowers! This week in my kitchen - fresh white tulips! xo C

  6. Wow! These are so beautiful... I can tell you that if I walked by these everyday, I would definitely always have fresh flowers on my kitchen table:)
    It looks like you are surrounded by beauty in so many ways. I'm so happy for you, Elsa. HOpe you're not missing Miami too much, I know something moving such a distance can be hard at first.


  7. Beautiful photos. :) I love fresh flowers. Bought some tulips the other day, after a really long time. I thought they wouldn't last, because it's so dark here, but these have stayed in perfect condition for 5 days already. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Indie by heart

  8. What beautiful inspiration and a reminder to stop and smell the roses!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. They are gorgeous... you couldn't pass up on that!

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