Is Subconsciousness The New Intelligence?

When it comes to motivational speeches, I'm torn: On one hand, the message of the power of the brain per se never gets old. At the same time, I feel like the market is saturated with so many books and invigorating speakers repeating or tweaking the same theory. 

However, I found this video from Brian Tracy about the power of Subconsciousness particularly interesting and relatable to me. One of the greatest lessons I learned during the past years is that you have to follow your intuition. Believe it or not, your intuition will show you the way -even if it's through mistakes or failures...

Well, the aforementioned video stresses the importance of that. Mr. Tracy presents Subconsciousness as the big umbrella where creativity and instincts fall, and defines those as key players to take our life and goals to the next level. Hard work, determination, positiveness and courage are invaluable assets. No question about it. But it is crucial to follow instincts, our dreams, our passions, those random thoughts we have now and then, our inner voice that tells us what to do...

So, guys, do you usually follow your instincts? Where do you stand on the issue? 


  1. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of intuition. Fortunately, this is the type of intelligence I have more than any other. Taking a risk based on things felt not seen will lead you into the center of your life's purpose.
    Awesome post, Elsa!! Love it:-)
    XO, Gina

  2. I always go with my gut which sometimes has been a rocky road but it's generally the best thing for me.

  3. Great post, will watch this! I have learnt to really use my intuition and I try to stay true to myself as much as I can, or at least I know now when I'm not true or listening to my intuition. Hope you enjoy your weekend, oder soll ich Schönes Wochenende sagen! Tschüss! Caroline


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