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Lake Tahoe, too beautiful for words!
Darlings...I've missed you guys. The past two weeks have been pretty hectic and it was hard to schedule some time for blogging -which was kind of frustrating! I missed the writing, the dialogue and interaction with fellow bloggers, the excitement of reading your comments..I felt that the longer I waited for posting, the more difficult it was to get back in the game.
So here I am, trying to break the circle!
I truly admire fellow bloggers -whose blogs I really worship!- such as Gina, Johanna, CarolineEmma, Melissa, Diana or Joanne -just to name a few...- No matter how crazy things get, they're really committed to their blogs.
I was wondering if you have ever gone through that blogging -or lackofthereof- phase...Any advise or thought you want to share?



  1. Sweetie, you've been missed! And thank you SO much for the link. You've been through a big move lately, don't under estimate it! Enjoy your life and we will be here! I hope you enjoy Europe! I love it, all of it.! Tschüß!! Caroline

  2. I've really missed you! Thanks so much for linking to Classy Ever After, and please know that it is such an honor to have you as a friend and a reader.
    Don't forget darling...I'm a stay at home mom. I don't work outside the house and while the girls are at school I clean, do the grocery shopping and work on my blog. I could never have kept up with posting 5 days a week while I was still working in the office. I still struggle sometimes, and hubby gets upset when I spend too much time blogging so I have to balance that and respect my family. Remember that we are still here...awaiting your next post and thinking of you. Take the time you need and you'll know when it's time to share something with us.
    I admire you so much for so many reasons, Elsa!
    XO, Gina


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