Have A Great Weekend!

TGIF! This week has gone by so quickly. A day like today, three months ago, I arrived at Germany to start a new life with Michael. Yeap...it has been three months already.Now that I think about it, I would love to read more about how human brain processes time -why sometimes we feel that time flies, and other times quite the opposite, OR, when you just have no idea if it went by fast or slow -like yours truly ;) But what I can say too is that I always felt home here and, as Michael said to me, it also feels like I have been here a much longer time (well, certainly not because of my mastering of the German language!)

Anyway, hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Any plans? I would love to hear them!



  1. Love that quote!! Happy Friday, have a great weekend xx

  2. Winston Churchill is such a wise man! I I am a fun spring break of preparing for finals haha



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