My #1 Style Rule For Spring

My #1 Style Rule For Spring

One of the things I missed while living in South Florida was the lack of seasons. Spring weather hasn't quite hit Bonn yet, but I look forward to witnessing the blossoming of the city after the snowy winter. I say, the harder the Winter, the more magical the Spring.

As far as fashion style for the new season, first of all, I couldn't agree more with my friend Gina: the older I get, the more I value classic/timeless pieces. The investment is well worth it and I also think that you end up saving money down the road. Versatility, functionality and a good ROI are some of my top priorities when shopping. At the same time, I don't want to compromise my own style. For all of those reasons, the formula above always works out for me: timeless staple pieces combined with boho chic accents. It's all about balancing out both trends, and adjust the weight of each depending mostly on the occasion, time of the day or other factors. 

How about you guys? Do you have any particular style rule you follow? I would love to hear it. 

Thanks for reading, darlings! 


  1. I love nude ballet flats. You can get so much mileage out of them!

  2. I definitely love classic wardrobe pieces and definitely see the value in investing in a few versatile staples, not just fun fashion pieces.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Wonderful post, my dear friend:-) Thanks so much for the link. I had a very wise reader comment yesterday that has me planning out a strategy post about knowing when to invest, and when to hunt down more affordable options. So, it looks like we are thinking along the same lines again.
    As far as my style formula, I'm definitely classic, preppy with a touch of glam. I love my bright lips, crystal necklaces, and heels paired with laid back, preppy basics.
    I love that scoop neck sweater and ballet flats you picked.
    XO, Gina

  4. Ooh, pretty! I like every single piece here! In Ireland Spring is the most fleeting of seasons - it often feels like an extension of winter. Today for example it is bucketing down rain and last week we had snow! I long for a fresh spring day xo

  5. A polka dot navy dress - never thought of it as a classic, but it is!

  6. Great combo to spice up the preppy! xo Caroline


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