35 Years, 35 Lessons

Sunset in Islamorada, circa 2010

My dear friends, this post is long overdue -as I had it in my mind for months. Inspired by one of my favorite blogger's learnings and epiphanies and based on a 35-year empirical research cycle, here you have it: 35 years, 35 lessons. 

#1 The greatest successes in life come from very simple concepts: Karma, love, hard work, timing, faith and having dinner before 8pm.
#2 Family is everything.
#3 Dream big. Dreams come true.
#4 One of the keys of happiness is surrounding yourself with positive people that love you.
#5 A person who try to consistently make you feel bad about yourself, is clearly projecting his/her own sh*t/ frustrations on you. Just keep that in mind.
#6 Follow your heart. It always finds its way -it might take a few/a lot of detours or bumps in the road.
#7 Expect and dream about unconditional and hopelessly romantic love (see #3)
#8 Money comes and goes. Don't let your money define you.
#9 Live below your means and try to save money.
#10 There's no such thing as 'just one glass of wine'
#11 One glass of red wine is just 150 calories (aprox). The problem is that it goes great with cheese and bread. (see #10)
#12 DVD marathons of your favorite TV shows are some of the greatest entertainment options ever.
#13 Finding the TV show that rocks your world is just so sweet.
#14 Good eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life.
#15 It is OK to be single for years. Your relationships or sexual life don't define you as a woman. 
#16 A one-night stand is a perfectly valid life experience.
#17 Count calories, compensate, enjoy good food, exercise as much as you can.
#18 If he says he loves you, he might be lying, but when he tells you he doesn't, he is not lying.
#19 Love without commitment doesn't go anywhere. Love and attraction are pivotal. But commitment is what really takes the relationship to the next level.
#20 If he is the wrong guy, the sooner he leaves, the better.
#21 Yes, there are people in the world who don't like Paris or like Fidel Castro.
#22 When you don't like something, it doesn't mean that it is going to be bad for you -sometimes, quite the opposite.
#23 Follow YOUR intuition. If you make a mistake, at least it's YOUR mistake, hence YOUR lesson. 
#24 Believing in mistakes is kind of empowering and takes a lot of pressure off. (see #23)
#25 Learning and forgiving are some of the most healing processes ever. There's always a lesson to be learned. 
#26 A broken heart is like a bad cold: When in full swing, you think you're dying, but eventually you always get over it.
#27 A girl becomes a woman when she realizes that her mother was always right.
#28 The greatest things in life involve some degree of fear. Don't let the fear keep you from doing anything.
#29 When you are scared of doing something, but you are even more scared of not doing it, it is pretty obvious that you really have to go for it. (See # 28)
#30 I truly think that there's a place in the Universe where souls meet and dreams start coming true.
#31 Over prepare, work hard, but also go with the flow and let the Universe/God do what They have to do. (see #30)
#32 When two people really want the same thing, there are no boundaries, only possibilities.
#33 Accept advices, but do what YOU feel is right -become fully accountable/responsible for your doing (see #6 , #23 and #24)
#34 In a relationship, every person has two main jobs: giving to your significant other all the love, support, comfort and security, and at the same time, not taking that other person for granted.
#35 Nothing more empowering and relivieving than the inner peace that comes from knowing that you are in the place where you really have/want to be. 

(Ha! I wonder how this post will  look like when I hit 40!)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Super doll, have a great day. Love the picture x

  2. These are very wise statements, my friend...it kind of seams like life has taught us a lot of the same lessons:) This must be one of the reasons we hit it of so well.
    Fabulous post, I really love it!
    XO, Gina

  3. I truly love this post! So heartwarming, and what a great idea to reflect upon! xo Caroline

  4. I love this very wise, very enlightening post, I found these are such valuable lessons that I also hope to learn. Wonderfully said!

  5. Amazing post - lots of wisdom, and I found myself nodding along to so much of it!

  6. I love 29!!! It's so very true:) I love your list, darling. Enjoy your day. xoxo

  7. Hi elsa, thanks for your kind visit. Thats so exciting that you're coming to SA, and to Cape Town especially, its one of the most beautiful cities, you will not be disappointed. I sadly live a 16 hour drive away from there otherwise I would have loved to meet up. I hope you will be posting about your trip. Have a great Friday!

  8. This is so special and I am blushing. I love your list because it's yours and the lessons are all incredibly real and important. Onward to 40 my dear!


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