We'll Always Have Paris (Part I)

Happy Monday, dear friends! Hope you had a great weekend. 

Last Friday, Michael started his well earned vacations embarking on a trip to South Africa. (I'll be joining him in two weeks -yay!)

Due to my job, I certainly couldn't take as much time off as he did, but working from home also has some advantages, such as 'portability'. Yes, I just moved my Bonn home office to...Paris! My mother rented a studio apartment for us in the heart of the Quartier Latin and we'll be having the 'living in Paris experience' for a whole week. Don't you love when plans just work out for the best?!

I made it in one piece to Paris on Saturday afternoon -my mother arrived the day before. Here you have both of us, on Saturday night, catching up over drinks at a cafe in Boulevard St. Michel.

Sunday morning we headed to Le Marche Aux Puces, as we were pretty excited about admiring the exquisite selection of antiques that you can find there:

After spending a few hours walking up and down the flea market, we decided to go back to Quartier Latin to have lunch. My darlings, it was worth every calorie! :) 

Rue La Huchette is one of the most popular -and touristic- streets in the Quartier Latin. This small theater, named after the street, has been offering to the public the same two plays for over the last five decades: La Cantatrice Chauve -my mother had seen that one back in the late sixties!and La Lec,on, both of them from Ionesco. 

We returned back 'home' at around 5pm and relaxed for the rest of the day, just enjoying each other's company, reading and updating the blog! :) 

I'd like to share with you all the pictures and stories about out little mother-daughter adventure every day this week, and hope you guys enjoy them.

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome week!


  1. Oh Paris...how I love thee. Notre Dame is so phenomenal!

  2. great pics, Elsa!! You and your mom are so cute together. I'm sure it was wonderful to catch up and have some mother ~daughter time.
    Oh, and you must take home that gingham chair. It is perfect and prime for some pattern mixing with a polka dot or striped pillow:)

    XO, Gina

  3. I just read both of your Paris posts and I am swoonwing. I've been to Paris a few times already as we have friends there and every time I see photos of it, I want to pack my bags:) Oh boy, you girls look so sassy and you did a great job with finding the perfect flat-location for sure. Happy Wednesday, darling. xoxo


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