We'll Always Have Paris (Part II)

Location, location, location. That's one of the best things about the apartment we rented. Located in the heart of Quartier Latin, we are just a lovely 20 minute-walk away from one of the most emblematic areas in Paris: Le Marais. That's where we headed on Monday morning.
The scattered showers didn't keep us from enjoying the magnificence of the quartier -which remains a historic reference of the highest social hierarchies' lifestyle from the S.XVI century on. Victor Hugo, Richelieu Cardinal or Madame de Sevigne lived in the Place des Vosges.
Nowadays, Le Marais features some of the coolest stores and art galleries in the city, from global players like MAC, American Vintage or Kielh's, to the cutest multi-brand and vintage stores. Not to mention the fair amount of cafes and restaurants also located in the area.
Le Marais is a must for travellers, as it certainly epitomizes the perfect Parisian touristic experience: history, beauty, food and shopping!



  1. great pics! Love your scarf and trench coat. You should totally do an outfit post with Paris as the backdrop:)
    XO, Gina


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