Outfit Crush: Claudia Schiffer's


Here you guys have my latest outfit crush: Claudia Schiffer's! That's exactly how a supermodel looks during an afternoon shopping run in Knightsbridge, London: Cozy, comfortable and effortlessly chic. The best part is that this is a look that can be relatively easy to recreate.
Love the 'over-the-knees boots effect': how they become pivotal players to take the most casual/coziest outfit to a next level of sexiness and sophistication, without compromising class or daytime-appropriateness. 
As per the previous installments of the outfit crush series -Heidi's and Jessica's- the ladies may certainly be well-above the average-looking standard. Yet, I find that the outfits per se, are flattering and easy to pull off no matter what your body type or budget range is.

How do you like Claudia's outfit? Do you plan to recreate it any time soon? 


  1. I do like this outfit, and I wear similar looks often. Grey sweaters and skinnys seem to be my go-to. Jeff got me a gorgeous pair of over the knee boots for Christmas too...so I think I'll be recreating this on a very regular basis.

    XO, Gina


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