Winter Beach Look

To honor our (pretty new) tradition of doing a little weekend getaway to celebrate my birthday -on the 13th!- we'll be heading to the coast of Netherlands on Saturday. I've lived in beach towns most part of my live, so I can't deny my excitement about hanging out by the sea for a few days.

Beach towns in winter offer quite a different experience, much more relaxing and equally invigorating. According to the weather forecast, it won't be that cold (around 9 degrees Celsius), so I'm already planning long walks and bike rides.

And switching gears to the fashion department, how adorable these ladies look? Winter beach-inspired outfits epitomize chic coziness: Big cardigans, over-sized sweaters, fedoras or beanies...

So how about you guys: do you like beaches? Do you prefer to go to beach towns on Summer or Winter?


  1. Happy Birthday early, Elsa!! I do like the beach but I wouldn't last 2 minutes on a beach in the winter. I don't do freezing:) As for the chunky cardis and the general beach fashion photog, I love it!!!!!
    Enjoy your get away, darling
    XO, Gina

  2. I am in love with these photos. It's a look I am totally behind minus the beach!

  3. Swoon! those photo are beautiful and how fun that you are going away for your birthday! very romantic. Have fun, darling. xo

  4. I love beaches anytime of the year but I prefer the heat, so Summer would be my favourite! That Marilyn photo is so stunning xo


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