The One-Way Ticket To Sucess (Have A Great Weekend!)


Ready for the weekend?! I bet you guys are!
We're really happy around here: My brother Pedro is flying today to Nantes, France, where he'll be joining the University research team, as part of the post-doctoral scholarship he obtained a few months ago. Yeap, the dude is smart ;) But he is also kind, hard working and generous -he even collaborated with my blog, writing about one of his academic getaways. You can read it here.

This is certainly a whole new chapter on his life and we couldn't be more excited more him.

Pedro, we are so proud and happy for you. Enjoy every minute!

Cheers to life-changing one-way plane tickets!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Congrats to your brother, that is marvellous!! I am sure he will do brilliantly!! Much good luck to him xx

  2. Huge congrats to your brother, sweetie and I hope you had a fantastic weekend. xoxo

  3. Con grats to your brother and hope you get to spend some quality time with him! xo Caroline


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