Elevate Your Basics: From Blah To Awe

Elevate your basics

Happy Monday, beauties! Hope you're off to a great start of the week after a happy and regenerating weekend. 

I've been thinking a lot about accessories lately. I firmly believe that a well-curated selection of accessories can take your current wardrobe options to new highs, 'from blah to awe', especially if you are going through a 'basics-only' phase, like yours truly right now! 

A good Fedora, an oversize necklace or fabulous shoes -and don't get me started on jewelry pieces with sentimental value!- can do wonders for your neutrals or basics, elevating the style of an otherwise boring outfit. And what it is even more important, at least to me, the right accessory can define your style and who you are, much more accurately than the most perfectly combined head-to-toe outfit.

Do you guys have go-to accessories that can transform the most boring outfit into something else -in no time and even less effort? I would love to hear!                                     


  1. I think I'll always be in a basics only phase. I adore leopard footware but I think leopard is a basic & a neutral and everything wonderful. I think I need a fedora I'm just not entirely certain I can pull it off. Finally, I love that clutch!!!
    hope you had a lovely weekend, my friend. XO!

  2. Really loving these posts lately Elsa...you've got great style and it's now exhibited much more since your redesign!

  3. I love love love that fedora, sweetie. I have a pair of leopard flats that always manage to jazz up my simple outfits. Happy Tuesday, darling. xo

  4. Gorgeous. Totally agree about the power of accessories - they are transformative! I need to go shopping...


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