Baby Moon Scrapbook: Mallorca!

Hola amigos. Thank you so much for all the nice comments and best wishes. They mean the world to us. I'm currently on the week #31 of my pregnancy, and thank God, everything is going well. I'm also slowing down at work, taking one day off per week. The long weekends are doing wonders for me. I'm feeling more connected to my pregnancy, getting stronger for what it's coming.

The first week of August, to celebrate we were finally settled in our new apartment, we headed to beautiful Mallorca for a week to relax and re-charge batteries, after a pretty exhausting moving.

I thought I'd share some pictures of what it was supposed to be our last vacation as a childless couple. History in the making for the Schinnen-de Diego family :)

We rented a villa in Cala Murada, one of the spectacular little beach towns scattered around the East coast of the island. Karen, a Cologne-born lady and our landord for the week, was beyond adorable and made sure we felt home during our stay. Aside of taking a day trip to Palma, to meet one of my mother's best friends, Julita -it was wonderful- we spent the rest of the week relaxing at the beach or in the pool, enjoying wonderful sunsets and having great dinners. Exactly what I was looking forward to. Enjoy the pics!

Can't wait to share with you more highlights of the past weeks/ months, including a gender revelation, the evolution of my pregnancy from an emotional standpoint and a few more surprises.

Thanks so much for reading and my apologies for not being as present as I was before. Miss you tons!

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  1. Am happy you are doing well, you're almost there :)) Will be wonderful :))) I hope you can take it as easy as you can. Beautiful pictures :))) xx


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