Have A Great Weekend! (Ten Links Friday)

Source: A Femenine Tomboy

What are you up to this weekend? Lucia had a little bit of fever last night and is still recovering today. We're putting our weekend plans on hold (a birthday party on Saturday and a big Balloon Festival on Sunday) until she feels better. 

Here you have some interesting links from around the Internet, if you'd like to read:

A strong case for inculcating our kids the value of savings (The Atlantic)
That's how you transition from home-office to office-office (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
Kudos to beautifully honest and relatable blog posts (Thoughts by Natalie)
A true revelation to overcome time-management and organization issues (Inc.)
Finally. Someone has said it. (Cup Of Jo)
Really pretty striped dress (The Outnet)
I love to discover cool blogs from all over the world, like this one, (Vodka and a Rose)
Oh! that five-letter word. I could really use this reading... (The Everygirl)
...and Lena's take on the matter (LinkedIn / Pulse)
An interesting round up of Summer reading options, in case you are looking (Goop)

I'm pretty happy about returning to blogging. For the moment, posting three times a week seems doable (and exciting!).

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great one! 


  1. fabulous links! Love Thoughts by Natalie & Cup of Jo. Lovely photo at the top and I'm so glad you are back:) I'm waiting patiently for a full on outfit post with lots of big photos of you. You will totally rock it!

  2. What a fantastic photo - I'm off to check out all your links now. xoxo


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