A Perfect Fall Afternoon At The Kölner Zoo

On Monday, Germany celebrated the country's Reunification -one of the most acclaimed national bank holidays. We spent the afternoon at the Kölner Zoo. It was Lucía's first visit to the zoo! I hope she takes after her dad in his fascination for animals and wildlife -the more exotic, the better! As for me, I draw the line at snakes. I. Just. Can't. 

It was a perfect crisp, sunny Fall day. Lucìa was so into the animal watching and we took like 300 pictures :) 

A favorite moment was watching a seven-week-old baby giraffe hanging by the mother's side. Here you have a few pictures if you'd like to see.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Your daughter is the cutest thing ever. Love seeing her expressions on this outing!


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