Four Meatless Stews To Try This Fall

Growing up in a Spanish household, we had stews on high rotation pretty much year-round. And like always, our mamis and abuelas had it right all along: these nutrient-packed dishes are not only delish but also relatively inexpensive and oh-so-easy to prepare. Now that I am cutting down on meat intake, these stews have become a recurrent staple, perfect for crisp Fall weather. I'm rounding up four easy, comforting recipes that I've been recreating on my own for a while now.

#1 Spanish pumpkin and chickpea stew

Recipe courtesy of Simple Vengan Blog 

#2 Turmeric carrot and lentil stew

Recipe courtesy of Sassy Kitchen  

#3 Spinach and white bean soup

Recipe courtesy of Damn Delicious 

#4 Crockpot sweet potato black beans (with quinoa and chili) 


Recipe courtesy Simply Quinoa

How about you guys: stew much? 

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  1. All of these soups sound delicious, especially the pumpkin one. Tis the season! :]

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