Military (Über-Chic) Coat

I've never been particularly drawn to this style, however, the moment I saw this Zara coat, I couldn't stop thinking about it! To me, the perfect blend between the boyfriend jacket vibe and Zara signature cut -seriously, can they possibly cut the jackets any better?- makes of this piece a classic staple to style up any winter outing. I also love the contrast between the structured shoulders -again, thanks Zara!- and the always flattering A-line. How cute this coat would look paired with skinny jeans, riding boots, scarf and a beanie? And it's now on sale for just 79 Euros! 

What do you thing about military coats? 

Sources for Images: Zara and for collage here and here.  


  1. I love military style coats!! Your picks are all fabulous!

  2. I am actually very drawn to this style and this one is amazing. you should get it:-)

    XO, Gina

  3. It was love at first sight. I love everything about this coat.

    And the blonde with the gorgeous hair at the end of this post. Well...speechless.

  4. It's a great versatile colour and style. Perfect for spring too.

  5. Great coat! I love military styling -- it gives any piece an interesting, hard edge. xo style, she wrote

  6. its such a great look... love it!


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