Getting Pretty Summer Shoes. Check.

As far as shopping experiences go, there's nothing like leaving the house with a clear image in your head of what you want to find and getting back home a few hours later with exactly what you were looking for. This just happened to me last Wednesday. I was in need of an 'Atlantic Summer' pair of shoes, and was looking for comfort, style, quality and versatility. The moment I saw the pair above from Paul Green, I was sold. I'll be wearing the heck out of them during the next few months. What I like the most is how comfortable they are, followed by their versatility.  

How about you guys? What are you looking for when shopping for Summer shoes? 

Thanks for reading my friends. Have a great weekend! 


  1. ooh...I love them! The peep toe is so perfect for the warmer weather. I agree, there are few things better than the feeling of finding exactly what you envisioned.
    I'm looking forward to your outfit post, darling:)
    Happy Weekend

  2. I love these Elsa - summer perfection!

  3. Oh girl...I love those big time. Good buy!

  4. Hi Elsa- I just discovered your blog, after you linked to me thru a blog photo. I am so HAPPY to have found you. I love your site and these peep toes are to die-for. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be available in my size, because I am a size fun!!

    Chat soon. Keep up the fabulous work you are doing here.

    from, formerly

  5. They look sassy and super comfy:)Great find!!! I usually wear flats during summer since I walk everywhere:) Have a wonderful start to the week, sunshine.


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