Embracing Aging In Media

During the past months, I learned that one of the keys to guarantee a smooth transition from living in the USA to living in Germany, is not to compare things in absolute terms: 'this is much better here, the other thing is much better there...'  Things are just different and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to experience them all. 

But the moment I saw a fabulous 69-year-old Lauren Hutton rocking September issue cover of ELLE Germany, I said to myself: 'wow, this people have a few things to teach the world about embracing aging in media.' Don't  you think? And we're talking about the September issue, the Super Bowl of fashion magazines. French are also great at that too.

As much as I enjoy a good Penelope, Beyonce or Gwyneth cover, I feel equally inspired by a cover like this: aging is beautiful. Age brings knowledge, experience, peace and endless emotional resources to make the best of things and just be happier. 

How do you guys feel about this editorial line? 


  1. I think this is such a great cover and I definitely think this obsession with youth and beauty needs to end. Why can't women and men alike be admired for getting older gracefully without the need to have cosmetic surgery or botox etc. I also like how the photoshopping on the cover was done tastefully - they haven't made her look like a 16 year old because she isn't. And goodness me, who wants to be 16 again!

    Well done Elle!

  2. She's a beautiful woman!! I think it's important to see a wide variety of ages, sizes, ethnicity and so forth on magazines, as this is a rela representation of the real world. It's so mix and diverse & we should embrace that instead of making one feel as thought it's not as important or beautiful as the other!! Super cover :)) Hope you have a marvellous day doll xox

  3. I love this, too. Bravo...it's about time. There is life after 25!

  4. it is fabulous! Beauty is comprised of so many qualities that ripen with age so I think this is a wise perspective.
    Have a fabulous weekend, darling!

    XO, Gina


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