Tributing An Angel Gone Too Soon

The brown-ish set of bracelets is the first present that Michael gave me. It was chosen by Brigitte, in Chinatown, Honolulu, back in October 2011. The green one, she gave it to me in January, 2013 -it was made by her.

Last Sunday we sadly found out about the loss of one of the most magical and extraordinary women I ever met. Our deal Brigitte fought until the very end with optimism, class, beauty, sense of humor and dignity, pretty much the same way she lived her whole life. She was one of Michael's best friends and became one of the greatest (and earliest!) supporters of our relationship. To say we are devastated is clearly an understatement.

Before she even knew me in person, she offered me endless love and support. A few weeks before Michael visited me in Miami for the first time, back in November 2011, he saw her in Honolulu -where she was living then. She helped him pick what it would be the first give he gave me (see pic above). 

After exchanging a few wonderful emais while I was still in USA last year, I finally met her in person just a few days after I landed in Germany. Brigitte was one of this people touched by God's magic, someone that irradiated light and positiveness all the time. Her, you could feel some much love and tenderness through her eyes.

Last time I saw her, was around May. We met for coffee and went for a walk to Waldau, a beautiful forest nearby. We talked about everything: from life to death to anything in between, but mostly health, love and faith. I kept asking myself: 'Why someone that wonderful has to leave so soon?' Quite a question, right?

After that meeting, we only exchanged text messages: Her bottom line?: Life is too short, make the most out of it, don't sweat small stuff and hold onto LOVE and FAITH. That's where I wanted to get at: the extraordinary message of a wonderful woman during the last months of life.

Dear Brigitte, I know you'll get this message -somewhere over the rainbow. Your presence is irreplaceable. Your message is timeless. Your soul will always remain in our hearts as a reference of how to live our life to the fullest, with your passion, love, sense of humor and knowledge. From now on, I'll always ask myself: 'from 0 to Brigitte's message, how important this issue I am dealing with?' 

Thanks for the memories, the love and the lessons. We miss you. You have and will always be one of our angels. RIP Brigitte Tiedge.

At her place, January, 2013
At her place, January 2013

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  1. I'm so sorry, Elsa. What an amazing woman she was, and now you two have an angel watching over you until you see her again in heaven. I do believe you will.

    XO, Gina


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