Life Updates...

Dear friends! Hope the week is going well for you!

This post is long overdue. My life in Germany has gone through major changes in the last few weeks. After working from home as a free lancer during the past year, I finally landed a 'corporate' job at the European HQ of C&A. I joined the Integrated Communications team as Digital Communications Manager for Spain nearly a month ago. It's an amazing opportunity, a dream job if you will. I'll be based in Düsseldorf, but I'm supposed to be travelling to Madrid every two or three months. Actually, I already squeezed a 48-hour trip there during my second week to get to meet the kick-a*s team based in my country's central offices. Unfortunately I have no pics to share with you this time as it was mainly work. Yes my friends, interesting turn of events out of nowhere. :)

Down the road, I'll be sharing with you more details about my job and my awesome company.

In other news, well, I finally made it to Instagram! Love it! :) You can find me there @elsacafesocietyxxi 

Lastly, my apologies for the lack of comments on your blogs...I'll be catching up with my readings soon!

Much love!


  1. congrats on this amazing opportunity!! You deserve it, and I think it will lead to great things on many levels. I've missed you, and I was starting to worry...about to send an email your way.
    For some crazy reason, I can not get used to IG...I'm on there, but always forget to use it. Love your pics...especially you in your Zara scarf. Outfit pics pleeeeease!:)
    Can't wait to hear more about your new job, and travels, and shopping for new work wardrobe since you won't be wfh anymore.

  2. Big congrats doll, lots of luck to you!! xx

  3. HUGE congrats, sweetie!!! How exciting and I am so very happy for you, darling. Have a beautiful start to the week.

  4. YAY! Welcome to Instagram and congrats on the new jobbie!


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