Do You Believe In Magic?

During the last five weeks of 2011, I've been blessed with the opportunity of visiting three of the most recognizable flagships in Catholicism: Cologne's Cathedral (Germany) , Covadonga's Santuario and Basílica (Spain) and Vaticano (Vaticano City).

Each of these visits had a very intimate and special meaning from me, as they were 'attached' to personal circumstances, which added to the experiences a massive dose of emotion.

Without getting into any theological discussions, I just want to try to describe here the powerful energy that invades those places. I do believe that the prayers and emotions of pilgrims and visitors throughout centuries, have been building up an 'emotional microclimate' that takes you to a new level of strength and connection to the uncertain. Uplifting, relieving and regenerating!

To Believe In The Magic Of Faith! That's one of my resolutions for the New Year!

Our daily responsibilities usually force us to be always in control of our life. As much as I believe in working hard, sometimes our frustrations and stress 'block' the Universe's energy to do its job and help us. I am sure there's a place up there where our hopes and dreams converge and turn into reality!

During these days, where we are witnessing and/or suffering one of the biggest social and economic global crisis, is Faith the key-concept we really have to hold on to, to find the strength to get through the darkness of the uncertain? Food for thought.

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