Challenging My Fashion Comfort Zone: Animal Print Accents

'Animal Print' has always gotten me way out of my 'fashion comfort zone.' But the other day, while looking for a perfectly cute and affordable satchel bag to wear on my upcoming trip to Germany, I came across this option, which made me evaluate my current prejudices about the 'pattern':

I found it on Brandy Melville -and I absolutely love everything on that store. It's made in Italy, of course, and the relation quality-price is extremely competitive.

Anyway, you know what they say: 'If you remain in your comfort zone, you will not go any further.'

So, here I am, organizing my thoughts and making a pre- selection of the Animal Print accents that could rock my wardrobe. Let's just see how some of the most stylish ladies on earth work the 'controversial' pattern

Ballerinas: Elle MacPherson and Giselle Bunchen can't be wrong! They both pair their flats with super casual outfits: Jeans, leggins, cargo pants, t-shirts or big sweaters. MTV reality star Whitney Port combines hers with a more 'business casual' outfit, a perfect office look.

Elle MacPherson

Giselle Bundchen

Whitney Port

Foulard: The foulard can be the perfect color touch on a 'total black' look. I love how Malin Akerman wears hers. kate Moss can hit the road with a paper bag on her head and still be trendy, but in this case, it looks like the foulard adds this 'wild' accent to the classic jeans and blazer look. I'm not particularly crazy about this SJP look,  but I guess that the foulard here represents what the flats did for Giselle and Elle.


Malin Akerman

Kate Moss

Bags: Here you have three different ways of combining the purse. I like Heidi's. As for Alexa's, it looks good on her, but I wouldn't be able to pull this off. Kate looks like a rock-and-roll princess, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that style: It's just not me.

Heidi Klum

Alexa Chung

Kate Moss

Conclusion: I might be ready to invest in some cute flats, to combine with leggings, cargo pants and jeans. I might also give a shoot to the foulard. However, I don't think that the bag is for me!

How about you guys? Are you into the animal print?


  1. Love the bag :) greetings from Germany, have fun on your trip! :)

  2. all right, let's follow each other! :)

  3. Just found your blog and it is so cute and inspirational. Even the name is charming! I found it through your comment on Cup of Jo. If you love LA, you might like Via Los Angeles. It's "Your Little Black Book to the City of Angels."

    I'll be checking back here!

  4. it's amazing that this is a trend that never goes away! Happy weekend!

  5. I am a huge leopard fan, and I think adding a touch with a great accessory is a good way to change up your style. xo style, she wrote


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