Sex With An Ex: Is It A Good Idea?

I wonder if there's any relationship -or lack thereof- issue that Sex And The City didn't tackle throughout six seasons and two movies. About 'having sex with an ex', Samantha Jones' character had her very own opinion: 'Sex with an ex can be depressing: If it's good, you can't get it anymore. If it's just had sex with an ex.'

But, let's be realistic, running into your ex can trigger a waterfall of emotions that can push you over the edge.

I thought about it, and tried to break down the main reasons why someone may want to have sex with a former partner:

Convenience: I guess that if it's been a while with no-action, an ex can satisfy the urge. It makes sense! 

Closure: Sometimes you just need that 'final' test to make sure you have no feelings for that person.

Revenge: Bad break-up? That other person moved on already? Do you feel the need to convince yourself that the 'new person' in his/her life is not as 'lucky' as they might think they are?

You're not over your Ex: I find this kind of dangerous if the other person doesn't want you back!

While doing a bit of research for this post, I came across this article on The 8 Rules To Follow When Hooking Up With An Ex (And yes, it was featured on It can certainly add some light to the matter.

Am I missing something? I would love to hear your opinions about this!


  1. I loved Sex and the City on TV but hated the movies!

    Great post.

    Emma xo

  2. I love SATC and agree with this mantra! Never a good idea. Live and let die! xo style, she wrote

  3. Such an interesting post and enjoyed reading it. "Final test"..! Great post :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  4. It's a very interesting and deep topic. I think that depends o the kind on relation and break-up you had. if the break up involved the end of a phase in your life, a liberation and the beginning on a totally new chapter, then it's very difficult even to think about the possibility. But two people who liked each other but didn't work as a couple, and realized it fast and without drama, I think they can still have some fun together. And if a break-up was not caused by the sinking of a relationship, but by some circumstance (travel, job, a bad phase in your life, a third person who's no longer there...), the re encounter can lead to something. And of course, an friendly and mature ex can be the best person to trust if you need some company with no strings attached. Again it's very complex and delicate, as each relationship is practically unique.
    Greetings from Spain!!!


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