Elizabeth Saltzman On 'Finding The One'

My beloved Gwyneth Paltrow rocked the fashion world at this year's Oscar ceremony, wearing that immaculate white gown by Tom Ford

Now, the multi talented actress has revealed on her latest Goop Newsletter whose brain was behind the election of the outfit, that has certainly made history as one of the best looks ever seen on that red carpet: Elizabeth Saltzman's

Saltzman has been a power player in the industry for many years. During the eighties, she worked for Giorgio Armani and Vogue. In the nineties, Elizabeth joint Vanity Fair as a fashion editor, to later on be promoted to Fashion Director.

Now, she also works as Mrs. Martin's personal stylist, being responsible for some of her most acclaimed red carpet looks. 

GP on Emilio Pucci
GP on Stella McCartney
GP on Elie Saab
It looks like, when it comes to find 'the one', Saltzman is a pro.

Elizabeth Saltzman
Elizabeth Saltzman
Elizabeth Saltzman

I have to admit that one of my ultimate 'fashion fantasies' is to have my own personal trainer & nutitionist and a stylist -as well as the bank account to afford them! 


  1. The Stella McCartney is my fave. So sleek!

  2. AA stylist -- just for a day! -- would be amazing! Loved Gwen's Tom Ford gown too. xo style, she wrote

  3. I'm so a huge fan of Gwyneth! PS the Hunger Games movie wasn't that great. The book was much better!

  4. Gwyneth does always look good doesn't she? I never knew who was behind her looks, thanks for enlightening. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. :-)


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