Harper's Bazaar September Issue, Cupcakes And Cashmere...

{This is how my Friday and Sunday nights looked like!} 

Those have been some of the highlights of my weekend. As much as I love traveling and catching up with friends, I truly cherise my 'alone times' with some inspiring reading. 

Harper's Bazaar has moved up to the top of my favorite fashion magazines list from the moment I got to know its editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey better (via Lifetime's The Conversation). 

This year's September issue has reassured me on the need of getting some nice riding boots and black leather pants as well as encouraged me to get a classic parka for winter. Interviews with writer Naomi Wolf  -some of this era's feminism leaders, writer and Yale graduate- or former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfelt -who's launching her very own fashion magazine- took the reading to a new level of empowering and inspiration. 

As for Emily's book, what can I say...the girl is a rock star. Her daily posts always put a smile on my face and/or give me new ideas for cooking, dressing or organizing -as her, I am a self-proclaimed 'organizationally challenged' I enjoyed this little book SO much. What I liked the most is how the areas are structured around seasons. The book is equally insightful and entertaining. 

Did you guys read any of this month's fashion magazine issues? Are you also a Cupcakes and Cashmere fan? 


  1. Never really read Harper's Bazarr, may have to give it a read :) xx

  2. Love Harpers Bazaar, but I mostly buy UK edition...so great to read your views on the Cupcakes and cashmere book, I am curious, totally agree that she pulls almost everything off. Have a great week! X Caroline

  3. I adore Cupcakes and Cashmere!! What I loved most about Emily's new book is how well she illustrated the timeless allure of classy, subtle, unique personal style. I am such a fan of Emily...she is beautiful inside and out.
    As for fashion mags, Yes! I love to pour a glass of red wine while I read them too. Lucky and In Style are my favs!
    Thanks for a great post!
    XO, Gina

  4. I don't usually read Harper's Bazaar but now I want to! I NEED black leather pants for fall, it's becoming an obsession! Love Emily's book too! I have a copy!


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