Super Bowl Weekend!

I have to admit that this Super Bowl weekend has been pretty productive for me. Saturday afternoon I got my taxes done and, to celebrate Uncle Sam's return, I hit one of my favorite stores in the mall: MAC. This time, I got mascara, the popular 'Satin Taupe' eye shadow, and lip stick ('A Perfect Day' color). It is official: I cannot get out a MAC store without buying anything!

Later that night, I got started with one of my New Year's resolutions: 'Cooking.' I had been going through the best Food Channel's hits, and I decided to cook a Mediterranean meatloaf -following one of the masters' recipe, Giada De Laurentiis. Here you have my 'opera prima':

I'm happy about the result! There's still much room to improve, but you really have to start somewhere, right?

As for Sunday, the Big Game Day, I couldn't kick it off any better: I did my first run of the year! 25 minutes, non-stop...Again, you have to start somewhere, right?

And to wrap up a pretty productive weekend, The Big Game. For the record, I have no idea about American football -I am all about soccer, basket and tennis!

Anyway, this year, Madonna's much anticipated half time show generated as much excitement as the actual game.And I have to say, the Queen didn't disappoint:

Congrats to the Giants' fans!

How did you guys spend Super Bowl weekend?


  1. You are missing the pictures of the fabolus super bowl food...;)
    Had a great time! Thanks for the support at those last long 3 minutes of the game!

  2. Last night's super bowl party was awesome in my end! xoxo


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