'Nobody Eats Pasta In LA' My Tribute To The Rancics

'Giuliana and Bill' reruns on Style TV are definitely my 'comfort food' on early-week nights. My admiration towards gorgeous Giuliana De Pandi goes way back, almost eight years ago, when I arrived at USA to pursue my Communications degree.

Giuliana, who became a household name on entertainment television as one of the most popular host on E!, married Bill Rancic, the winner of the first edition of Donald Trump's reality show of The Apprentice.

Both of them decided to monetize their image, charisma and business vision and created their own reality TV 'Guiliana and Bill' where they expose their marriage life involving big decisions related to where they will live (LA or Chicago) or their struggle to have kids. To me, G&B are the coolest couple ever!
Giuliana's book ' Think Like A Guy' is one of the most hilarious readings ever! Not sure if it works to land the man of your life, but you will certainly get a few hours of non-stop laughs.
On tonight's episode, Bill tries to convince Giuliana to have her mum (Mamma De Pandi) opening her Italian restaurant Chicago, instead on LA, as, and according to Bill 'nobody eats pasta in LA.' Funny!

38-year-old Giuliana has recently shocked the world announcing she is now battling breast cancer.

God bless this marriage and may she, and all the females dealing with the disease, recover soon!

So, who's a fan of the couple? Any reality TV shows you 'secretly' indulge to on weeknights?

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